One Against 100 Planes

One Against 100 Planes 1.0

One Against 100 Planes is a 3D game where you will pilot a plane
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One Against 100 Planes is a 3D game where you will pilot a plane. Your mission is to take down a given number of planes to advance on the next level. To do this, you must avoid the enemy planes and shoot them when they are near enough. You are able to drive your plane by using the cursor movement keys and fire your weapons through the CTRL key. You will see ten planes, you can advance on the next level once you destroy five of them. There is no time limit to reach your goal. As the game progresses, your plane will change and you will also have some targets on the ground - tanks that you will also have to destroy. The enemy planes will remain the same during all the time, old bi-planes from the World War II. The game will be over when the enemy planes shoot or touch your plane, and it will fall to earth. This game was done with the student (free) version of the 3DSTATE 3D Engine, just to show some of the features that can be used when programming with this tool. The game has nice 3D effects and good sound.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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